Glove Deodorizer for Boxing and All Sport (Fresh Linen scent) - 20% Larger Than Any Other Glove Dog

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  • ODOR ELIMINATING FRESH SCENT - PRML Sports Glove Deodorizer removes that embarrassing odor from your glove and gym bag leaving a pleasant smell without using toxic sprays or cleaners.
  • ABSORBS MOISTURE IN YOUR GLOVE - After a good training session that leaves your gloves sweaty on the inside we often just toss our gloves in our bag and call it a day - yuck! PRML Sports Glove Deodorizer helps to absorb the sweat, leaving less bacteria in your glove to fester and grow.
  • WHAT YOU GET - Includes our specially designed Glove Deodorizer designed to cover 20% more of your glove then any other product on the market. The nunchuck design keeps your gloves together and makes  it easy to carry both your gloves, and keep them from being lost
  • FRESH LINEN SCENT! Your glove will be smelling better than brand new and as fresh as if you washed in a machine and hung it out to dry in a fresh meadow.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR GLOVE! PRML Sports Boxing Glove Deodorizer helps keep your glove smelling fresh on the inside so that no matter how much you beat your glove up on the outside it never smells as old as it may be, saving you money from having to repurchase new gloves.
  • Top Rated - Our glove deodorizer was first offered in my Boxing Gym to ensure quality and longevity of product. Only after months of testing our product have we now rolled it out to the public with rave reviews.
  • Money Back Guarantee - If you're not blown away, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days. That simple. You either love it, or send it back.

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